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Extra Materials

How to join online classes

Dear student,


please follow the following instructions to get to your today’s class:

1. Open your LMS account and select “portal, training syllabus/progress test”


2. Select your “Training Card” for example EASA PPL and click on your ID number


3. Select Calendar and choose the appropriate line/date of your class and select “more info” on the right side


4. In the window you can find all information regarding to Online Class.

  • Subject of your online class
  • Start and end time of the class
  • Link into your Online Class ( Find your “Meet Link” to follow your online classroom )
  • Worksheet link ( worksheet is working just during the class )
  • Homework link  ( Homework working after you class , but just one week only  )
  • Reading materials ( read and be prepared for your class )
  • Video ( Recorded video of the older class  )


5. On the Online Class meet page please switch off your mic and ,,JOIN MEET ,,




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