Interactive Dispatching

Self Check-in Tutorial for Flying Academy students Flying Academy understands the value of time and also wishes to offer the most modern technologies for satisfactory pilot training. That is why the brand new feature of self check-in is available in the LMS! Below you will find a detailed guide to the Self Check-In which will […]


Introduction We are providing VFR and IFR Charts in our LMS. You can find these charts under EASA/FAA buttons in Main Menu. Each page is divided into regions by countries and its airports. VFR Charts VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules. VFR are a set of regulations under which a pilot operates an aircraft in […]

Online Lessons – Student

Video Tutorial HELLO dear Students Allow us to present you with a tutorial for our Online Lessons via Google Meet [Invitation Email content] 1) Invitation for online Lesson First, you’ll receive an email containing all the necessary information about upcoming Online Lesson. The print screen on the left shows where to find: Course Name, Location, […]

Learning Management System Flying Academy LMS support the most commonly used Internet browsers. If you encounter issues, please consider changing the browser first before contacting us. Introduction Welcome in Flying Academy Learning Management System (in brief LMS). In this tutorial we will introduce LMS, it’s functions and features.  But first, why not to get to know us […]

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