Exercise 3 – Air Experience

Exercise 3 – Air Experience


  • At Flying Academy, this exercise is combined with the second airborne lesson – Further familiarization (or Effects of Controls) – so read these notes in conjunction with Flight Lesson 2. If it is his first flight ever, it allows the student to experience the environment in which he will work in the future. Whether the first in a light aircraft or the first in a professional organization, the impression he gains will have a lasting bearing on his subsequent interest, enthusiasm and ability to learn.

Note: Do not forget to take the sickness bugs and keep asking the student how he is feeling in the flight, at least 15-20 min. The first few flights will be challenging for him avoid flying in restless air, other case he/she can lose a passion of becoming a pilot.

  • To ensure that your student gains maximum benefit from all lessons, teach him how to use the ventilation and/or heating systems to make the cockpit as comfortable as possible. Use this flight to ensure that he has the optimum seating position and remind him of the importance of using the same one on all flights so that the “picture” looking forward remains consistent. Explain to the student that he can hear both you and ATC through his headset; ensure that he can differentiate between them and teach him how to control the volumes of the intercom and RT. Maintain a considerate manner throughout. Explain the unexpected and warn him of aspects such as large power changes which could startle the uninitiated.
  • As it was noted before. At this early stage the fear of failure and the desire to create the right impression often looms large in most students’ minds. This, in conjunction with the unfamiliar and possibly claustrophobic effect of the cockpit, can cause some to experience nausea and airsickness. Watch for any symptoms which could lead to this and whenever possible, take action early – keep the cockpit cool if possible, keep your student’s mind occupied and be prepared to curtail the flight.


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