Introduction to Flying?

What makes flying the best thing in the world?!

Aeronautical Decision making?

Something between aero and nautilus

Aircraft Construction?

How aircraft works?

Flight Principles and Aerodynamics?

Physics stuff

Flight Controls

Aircraft Systems?

How aircraft parts works? Engine, carburator, etc.

Flight Instruments?

All the clocks and arrows on the dashboard

Flight Manuals & Other Documents

Mass And Balance?

How much can you carry on the airport in next 10 sec?

Aircraft Performance?

We need more HP and jet engines!

Weather Theory?

It's Raining Men!

Aviation Weather Services?

Metar - Radar about weather...

Aerodrome Operations?

Each time a pilot operates an aircraft, the flight normally begins and ends at an aerodrome. An aerodrome may be a small grass field or a large complex utilised by air carriers.


Almost like Klingon empire but smaller.


Where am I? Who am I?!

Aeromedical Factors?

Please wear mask, COVID Doesn't differentiate between pilots and normal people.

Air Law?

9/11 was inside job


How are you? Are you feeling OK? Do you want me to prepare cocoa for you?

Flight Planning

Extra Materials

Draft Lesson