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Extra Materials

Daily Tasks


  • Turn on the lights
  • Turn on the T.V. (Photo – KAJO FrontDesk TV Slideshow – Slideshow)
  • Unlock the door in second building
  • Cross check that every flight from the day before is checked in MyFBO. If you see any open reservations, DON’T FREAK OUT, the dispatch could be left in the next building at the briefing room
  • Call back all missed calls and check voicemails on RingCentral
  • Make sure all dispatches has been created in SF for the day as per MyFBO
  • Open LMS and make sure it all match as per MyFBO/SF
  • Check if all tickets in LMS has been filled out
  • Missing tickets from the previous day add in to the SalesForce as well
  • Print out Customer Qualification, if there is any block or warning, update the customer information (call/email them to send you a copy of required document)


Daily Task:

  • ALL ACCOUNTS NEED TO BE PAID OFF. If there is a student/customer which is in a negative, they have to pay the balance before the flight. Everything otherwise has to be approved by the Base Manager
  • Make sure SalesForce Cases are all answered and closed or put them on hold
  • Organize all dispatches by Aircraft/Theory and put them in the binders
  • Any invoices given to you must be scan in to AutoPay and put them in the Invoice binder
  • When you are creating a schedule make sure, both, the plane and the instructor are available. Confirm the time, plane, and instructor with the individual. Add remarks if needed (Stage Check, Checkride, etc.)
  • Recent Utilization has to be cleaned
  • Make sure all customers always return the Flight bag along with the key and if they borrowed a headset make sure they give it back to you
  • If any customer reports a squawk, please inform your Manager and add the squawk in to the system (during the dispatch process or manually)
  • Print couple of Fee list for each training (PPL, IFR, CPL, CFI/CFII)
  • Print out W&B sheets, Nav Logs (IFR/VFR), checklists (Normal+Emergency) and documents for the shelves
  • Make sure we have bottles of oil in the briefing room
  • Please collect an email, phone number and name of every customer who calls and create a lead in to the SF


File Folders:

  • When making a folder for new students please create a label with the full name
  • On the side of the tab, entail what course they are doing and if they are International or a U.S. Citizen. 
  • Attach a folder checklist and check if all necessary documents are in
  • When done with the folders, file them into the cabinet. Place them in alphabetical order, they have tabs A-Z just place it in whatever letter their last name starts with


Dispatch Overrides:

  • If the student dispatch is blocked due to insufficient funds, have them prepay the full amount in order to fly
  • Missing information? Please input the information accordingly, this should be done when you first create their file folder
  • If it is MX related, override after checking with the Maintenance Manager only



  • Cross check the aircrafts. If there is any trash please throw it and clean the plane. If there is any damage, please mention it in the report or call directly the Manager.
  • Send a Report from FlyFA.com! Go to MyFBO > Review > Daily Summary > Show tickets for: All Staff > Daily Payments by Type and Daily Revenue by Source 
  • Make sure the front desk, student area, and bathroom are not messy.
  • Make sure all lights are off in the building. Lock the door and you are done! 🙂



Discovery Flights

  • These flights are one hour long for the price of $199.00. Please tell the instructor it can not go over one hour (maximum 0.9hours flight time), if it does go over an hour the customer would have to pay the full price. Take a form of ID, have them fill out the Rental Agreement and make a file folder. 

Checking In

  • Ensure both the pilot and instructor sign the dispatch
  • Before writing in the hobbs/tach, make sure the beginning hobbs/tach is the same as what’s myFBO, this could throw off recent utilization
  • Check for ground time on the bottom! This is the briefing before and after the flight

Solo Procedures

  • Anyone going on a solo must have an Endorsement from their assigned Instructor
  • Make sure they have checked the weather and called the briefer
  • They can not carry any passenger