Extra Materials


How to do Reconciliation in MyFBO? Go to Financial and click on Cash Management.
After that pick option Cash Drawer Reconciliation and click on GO (make sure you select the correct base: KAJO, KTMB, LKFF,etc.)

Collect all Credit Card receipts from the FrontDesk and take out all the Cash and Checks from the safe.

Before you start the Reconciliation you need to make sure that all transactions made by Card or Wire have also added the correct Charge. Every card must have a 3% charge for US cards and 4% charge for International cards. Every Wire transaction must have a $20.00 charge for Incoming wire and $45.00 charge for International Outgoing Wire. Double check if you have for each cash transaction an envelope. On every envelope has to be written a Name of the Customer, Date of the transaction, MyFBO ticket number and the Amount.
On the right corner click on the Printer icon and print out the Draft.

After you print out the Draft, please scroll down and click on Delete this Reconciliation.
Check all payments type: American Express, Visa/Master Card and Wire/ACH by the MyFBO ticket number in Transaction & Balances – View Ticket No.

After you check all tickets, count the Cash as per the customer and mark each bill with the Counterfeit Marker to make sure none of the bills are fake. Make sure each Check has the exact amount in the written line as in the number line and endorse all checks at the back with the Stamp from the right bank account.

**NEVER count all cash together, if you mix all payments and you will be missing some amount you are not gonna be able to find out who made the mistake.

The last step is to enter the exact amount of cash you have on Hand to the Drawer Balance – Present Cash Count and then to the Deposit Data – Cash to be Deposited. Then click on Data is Correct and Complete and you are done.

Reconciliation Report file in the Reconciliation binder along with the Credit Card receipts.

Cash and Checks have to be deposited into the Bank. There are two ways to do it.
1st: You can go to the ATM and deposit it on your own but make sure you print the Receipt with Check Images.
2nd: Fill out the Counter Deposit and go inside to the bank Counter. Always carry with you a Government ID and the Deposit card.